Engage Oklahoma

To view the Engage Oklahoma Ad please click here. Below is a letter from Natalie Shirley:

Dear Chamber and Economic Development Officer,

Based on the tremendously positive response we’ve had to the 2009 Engage Oklahoma business magazine, the Oklahoma Department of Commerce and The Journal Record Publishing Company are gearing up for another successful edition.

Commerce and its statewide network of public- and private-sector partners shared nearly 40,000 copies of the 2009 edition with site selection consultants, business prospects, trade show attendees, clients, customers, and any and all interested in what makes Oklahoma THE place to live and do business.

Engage Oklahoma continues to be a great sales tool not just for the Commerce Fast Forward business recruiting team, but for all of our partner agencies, economic development organizations, companies, and communities—large and small—across the state.

The 2009 edition captured immediate attention and praise with its retro-modern look and catchy theme: The Power of 10. Each story was an easy-to-read list of 10, highlighting the businesses and people that make Oklahoma tick and providing a well-rounded view of today’s Oklahoma.

Engage Oklahoma 2010 captures the “aspirational” Oklahoma—an Oklahoma at the forefront of business best practices and technological advancement across the country and around the world.

However, we cannot tell Oklahoma’s amazing story without the generous advertising support of companies like yours. So when The Journal Record salesperson calls about Engage Oklahoma 2010, I truly hope you’ll consider it a sound investment for your company and for your state.


Natalie Shirley
Secretary of Commerce and Tourism

Thursday, December 10, 2009 - 9:25am