Oklahoma Academy Town Hall to Focus on Education & Workforce

Dear State Chamber Member:

As you know, The State Chamber has focused on improving education in our state.  To that end, we are assisting The Oklahoma Academy by forwarding you information on their 2009 Town Hall Conference, including the nomination process of delegates to the conferenceand a nomination form

The focus of the 2009 Academy Town Hall is education systems and our future workforce.  Town Hall deliberations will focus on the needs of the three levels of education and the state's workforce, not only from a short-term view but from a long-term view as well.  In looking forward, we must assess what is currently being done well and where we are lacking, especially when we consider the global marketplace.  We must identify the curricular and delivery infrastructure needs of the pre-K through 20 and career tech systems in order to produce successful, adaptive workers that can meet the ever-changing demands of the world-wide marketplace and working environment.

The Town Hall will be held October 25 (Sunday evening) through October 28 (Wednesday noon) in Norman.  The Academy is seeking nominations from those who wish to be considered for participation or who know others who should be considered.  Participants are selected from the pool of nominees so that they have a group socio-demographically representative of Oklahoma's population. 

Please take a moment to review this information and consider participating in this worthwhile event.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009 - 10:48am