Statewide Economic Development Organization Adopts Unified Jobs Agenda

January 26, 2011

Oklahoma City—Members of the statewide organization of economic developers have voted to adopt the joint jobs agenda originally unveiled earlier this month by the state, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City chambers.  

The agenda, which was approved by the Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council (OEDC), includes reforms that, would help improve Oklahoma’s business climate and create new jobs. The joint agenda highlights the need to reform the state’s tort and and worker’s compensation systems. Health care, education reform and support for effective tax incentives are also legislative issues that will be important this session to encourage economic development and growth in Oklahoma.

Finally, continued support for infrastructure and transportation funding, as well as promotion of a consistent regulatory environment that creates business certainty, creates jobs and encourages economic growth for all domestic energy sources wrap up the joint agenda. 

“OEDC works hard to keep our members educated on legislation and economic development issues that affect the state of Oklahoma,” said Judee Snodderly, president of OEDC. “Our members use this information to educate their legislators and local officials in order to create a pro-jobs mindset at the grassroots level. We are excited the State, Tulsa, and Oklahoma City chambers created a statewide jobs agenda that will help in these efforts.”

The Oklahoma Professional Economic Development Council (OEDC) is a grassroots organization of economic development professionals from across that state that works closely with The State Chamber of Oklahoma to promote a competitive business climate through legislative initiatives, coalition building and professional development.

Members of OEDC plan to bring the issues in this joint agenda, in addition to their regular legislative agenda, to the attention of their local legislators at the OEDC Economic Development Day at the Capitol on February 15th.

“This agenda is not divided over rural and urban issues, but are policy changes needed statewide to help foster a better business climate in Oklahoma,” said State Chamber President Fred Morgan. “A united pro-growth message is needed to move our state forward, and OEDC’s endorsement of this joint jobs agenda is an important step in seeing these proposed reforms become law.”

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 9:31am